Limited Companies

Limited Company set up from Euro 199, service includes;

  • Company Name Search
  • Limited Company set up
  • Tax Registration of New Limited Company
  • Filing of the first Annual Return of the Limited Company

Business Set up, Advice for Sole Traders and Limited Companies

  • FREE On Site Consultation to discuss your Accounting & Taxation requirements
  • FREE Advice provided on steps to set up your Business
  • FREE Advice on choice of setting up as Sole Trader vs Limited Company
  • FREE Tax Registration service
  • LOW COST Limited Company set up service
  • LOW COST Business Plans prepared for your New Business
  • REDUCED FEES for first 2 years trading
  • FREE Payroll Service provided along with our Complete Accounts & Tax Service

We provide the following Complete Accounts and Tax Service

  • Complete Bookkeeping Service
  • Complete Payroll Service, provide FREE with our Accounts Service
  • Prepare & File VAT returns
  • Prepare Year End Accounts & Financial Statements
  • Prepare & File Corporation Tax return
  • Prepare & File Personal Income Tax return
  • Prepare Companies Office CRO returns
  • Provide General Accounts Advice relevant to your Business
  • Provide General Tax Advice relevant to your Business

Tax Relief for Start Up Companies

A 3 year Tax Relief for Start Up Companies was introduced in 2009. The Tax Relief is available where the total Corporation Tax payable does not exceed Euro 40,000. The amount of Tax Relief is based on the employers PRSI contributions of the company, subject to a limit of Euro 5,000 per employee. Recent Budget amendments allow Start Up Companies to now Carry Forward any excess to reduce Corporation Tax in subsequent years

Audit Exemption Explained

Limited Companies are required by law to have an auditor and to have their accounts audited each year. Private Companies that meet certain criteria may avail of an Audit Exemption.
In order to avail of the Audit Exemption the company must satisfy all the following conditions, both in respect of the current financial year and the preceding financial year;

  • the company is a company to which the Companies ( Amendment ) Act 1986 applies
  • the company has a Turnover of less than Euro 8.8 million
  • the Balance Sheet total of the company is less than Euro 4.4 million
  • the company has an average of less than 50 Employees for the year

In addition, the company must ensure to file its Annual Return on time with the CRO. A late Annual Return disqualifies the company form claiming the Audit Exemption


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