Complete Accounts & Tax Service for Small Businesses

We specialise in providing Accounts & Taxation Services for Self Employed & Small Businesses.

Accounts Service

Accounts Service Dublin

We provide accounts services for Self Employed and Small businesses.

Tax Service

Tax Service Dublin

Celtic Accounts provide hassle free tax services for your business.


Bookkeeping Dublin

Celtic Accounts provide efficient Bookkeeping services for your business.

Accounts and Tax Services Competitive Fees

Our Competitive Fees Start from
€250 per year for Self Employed,
€40 per month for New Small Businesses,
€80 per month for Established Small Businesses.
See our Fees page for more details on our Competitive Fees

We provide the following Complete Accounting & Taxation service:

  • Complete Bookkeeping service
  • Complete Payroll Serviceprovided FREE with our Accounts Service
  • Prepare & File VAT returns
  • Prepare Year end Accounts & Financial Statements
  • Prepare & File Corporation Tax return
  • Prepare & File Personal Income Tax return
  • Prepare Companies Office Returns
  • Attend to Tax Office queries relating to submitted Tax returns
  • Provide General Accounts Advice relevant to your Business
  • Provide General Tax Advice relevant to your Business
  • Provide Tax Updates relevant to your Business

Personal Income Tax return service

Starting from €200  for Rental Income, Dividends, Interest Income, Pension Income & other Income sources, also Capital Gains Tax.

PAYE Tax Refund claims, e.g. Medical Expenses, Unclaimed Tax Credits etc,

See our Fees page for more details on our Competitive Fees

We provide the following Complete Income Tax return service:

  • Prepare Income & Expenditure account
  • Prepare Rent Account
  • Prepare and File your Income Tax return
  • Calculate Income tax payable, or Income tax Refund due
  • Calculate Preliminary Tax due
  • File your Income Tax return with the Tax Office
  • Attend to Tax Office queries on submitted Income Tax returns

All in Fee Quotation, with no hidden extras.
Send us your information and we will complete all details of the Tax Return.

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