Landlords & Rental Income

Domestic, Foreign, Residential, Commercial

  • Rent Accounts
  • Personal Income Tax return ( Form 11, Form 12 )
  • Capital Gains Tax – Property Disposals
  • Revenue Audits
  • Non Resident Landlords
  • Foreign Property Rents, UK, USA, France, etc.,

Personal Tax Service provided on a One to One basis

As your appointed Tax Agent, at no additional charge, we will deal with all Tax Office queries. Have your Tax return completed and submitted to the Tax Office.

Starting from €200 for 1 Rental property.
Starting from €600 for up to 4 Rental properties.

Send us your information and we will complete all details of the Tax Return.
We will prepare your Rent Account and claim all applicable Tax Reliefs.
We will file your Tax Return with the Tax Office, on your behalf.
We will deal with queries arising from the Tax Office after submission of Return.

 Non Resident Landlord SERVICE

As a Non Resident Landlord, you are required to withhold 20 % of the rent and pay this amount to the Tax office. .

Our fees start from €250 for preparation of Tax returns for Non Resident Landlords.

Non Resident Landlords should be aware of the following Irish Tax issues;

  • An annual Tax Return must be filed for Rental profits liable to Irish Tax
  • Tenancies must be registered with the PRTB, Private Residential Tenancies Board
  • Periods working abroad reduce Principal Private Residence relief for Capital Gains Tax
  • Possible claw back of Stamp Duty tax relief allowed to First Time Buyers
  • Mortgage Interest tax relief is not deducted at source for Investment Properties

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