We Specialise in providing a Complete Accounts and Tax Service to
Small Businesses, including;

Business Set up, Advice for Sole Traders and Limited Companies

  • FREE On Site Consultation to discuss your Accounting & Taxation requirements
  • FREE Advice provided on Steps to set up your Business
  • FREE Advice on Choice of setting up Sole Trader vs Limited Company
  • FREE Tax Registration for our New Business
  • LOW COST Limited Company set up
  • LOW COST Business Plans prepared for your New Business
  • REDUCED FEES for the first 2 Years Trading
  • FREE Payroll Service provided with our Complete Accounting Service
  • See our Fees page for details of our Competitive Fees

Accounts Preparation

  • Year end Financial Statements
  • Companies Office Annual Returns – B 1 Annual Return
  • Abridged Financial Statements

Monthly Management Accounts

  • Information to make Key Decisions
  • Control & Reduce Costs
  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Cash Control
  • Tax Affairs up to date

Tax Returns

  • VAT
  • RCT Sub Contractors
  • Corporation Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Gift Tax
  • Stamp Duty

Tax Advice

  • Find out about Tax Reliefs and Tax Exemptions relevant to your Business
  • How to Extract Cash from your Business Efficiently
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Compliance
  • Revenue Audits
  • Keep up to date on Tax Issues affecting your Business

Audit Exemption Explained

Small / Micro companies that meet certain criteria may avail of an Audit Exemption.
In order to avail of the Audit Exemption a Small / Micro company must satisfy the following conditions, both in respect of the current financial year and the preceding financial year;

  • company must qualify as “Small / Micro company”, see definitions below
  • company B 1 Annual Return must be filed on time

To qualify as a “Micro Company”, a company must satisfy TWO of the following

1. Balance Sheet total does not exceed                               Euro 350,000
2. Turnover does not exceed                                                      Euro 700,000
3. Average No. of employees does not exceed                            10

To qualify as a “Small Company“, a company must satisfy TWO of the following

1. Balance Sheet total does not exceed                              Euro 6,000,000
2. Turnover does not exceed                                                     Euro 12,000,000
3. Average No. of employees does not exceed                              50

The company must ensure to file its Annual Return on time with the Companies Office. A late Annual Return disqualifies the company from claiming the Audit Exemption

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